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At Jackpot Designs,  we specialize in creating unique 2D and 3D slot games and/or other
games for the gambling industry.  After close consultation with the client,  we can provide
the following services:

      - Create parts or all of the art assets for a new slot game based on the client's specifications
         and input.

      - Deliver ready-made,  completed slot games based on Jackpot's original concepts,  including
        the math model,  if desired.

      - Reskin client's existing games to upgrade the graphics or conform them for usage in other
        formats,  including mobile or 1920x1080 HD,  while maintaining the integrity and character of
        the original game.

      - Design new symbols,  characters,  3D win animations,  bonus games,  animated segues,
        attract screens and/or promotional videos for existing games.

      - Partner with or sell the existing art assets of several of our completed games,  with math models
        and sound effects for on-line gaming,  land-based casinos and social media.
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